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                                            In January 2016 we moved to our new and modern Mountain View campus which is located south of Nanjing city. It is a 30-minute drive from the centre (Xinjiekou) and sits nestled on a quiet residential street at the foot of Cuiping Mountain at the boundary of the Jiangjun National Park. Views from the campus overlook our new outdoor sports and play areas and the forested mountains beyond. The school is in close proximity to prominent expatriate residential compounds and operates 6 bus routes, designed to reduce the time students spend traveling to/from school.

                                            The purpose-built campus features world class facilities including:

                                            • Indoor swimming pool
                                            • Basketball gym
                                            • Foundation stage gym
                                            • Full size football field
                                            • Dedicated kitchen and dining facilities
                                            • Enclosed valley play areas
                                            • Outdoor auditorium
                                            • Nature walkways through forests
                                            • Hack-a-thon room
                                            • Self Organised Learning Environment (SOLE) room

                                            Our campus offers modern and smart interior and exterior environments, with playgrounds and sports facilities that are age appropriate, safe and enjoyable for our children. The facilities on offer match that of any top international school, not only in terms of the quality that is on offer, but also in how it enhances the education we provide.

                                            ClassroomsAll classrooms are generously resourced and equipped to meet English National Curriculum standards, making use of state-of-the-art technologies, such as interactive white boards, standard in all classrooms. In addition to standard classrooms there are specialist areas including a three level library, an ICT room, music rooms with  practice suites, science laboratories, art room,  language rooms and Chinese and EAL classrooms.


                                            PlaygroundsBSN has well equipped playgrounds, combining a selection of climbing frames, hard-court and rubber surfaces and a clear differentiation between children of different ages.

                                            LibraryBSN has a well-resourced library with a beautiful views of the forest and our sports fields. Offering a wide selection of books and resources imported from the UK, the library is also complemented with reference and reading areas to encourage the love of books.

                                            Sports facilitiesWith large open playground and garden areas, students at BSN enjoy the use of a basketball court, football pitch, an indoor gym, an infants play area, swimming pool, tennis court and dance studio.   


                                            Curriculum Overview

                                            The notion that learning a second language improves your first, or that playing the violin deepens your reasoning skills, or that a game of tennis might even boost your mathematical ability are not naturally intuitive. Yet it is these ideas that are at the very heart of our curriculum. As children, our learning capability is extremely heightened. It is during childhood that we can pick up a second language, learn to play an instrument, or develop our athletic ability with an ease that is difficult to match later in life. Our curriculum aims high and relies on exceptional teachers to motivate and inspire pupils to relish in their learning.

                                            Child-centredTeaching and learning is aimed at making the most of childrens' natural curiosity to learn and inquisitiveness. In Early Years, learning takes place principally through guided play. As work gradually becomes more structured in Junior School, lessons are planned with a view to making them interesting and engaging. As they move into Senior School, children receive teaching by subject specialists.

                                            PersonalisedTeachers at BSN plan lessons with differentiated outcomes, allowing for a range of achievements. This enables teachers to match each lesson as closely as possible to individual needs whilst providing scope for pupils to be stretched academically. No child is left behind struggling, nor is a child left unchallenged; every child works to the best of their ability. 


                                            InclusiveAll children are welcome and catered for here at BSN, including those who have learning difficulties. We have a dedicated team of SENCOs (Special Educational Needs Coordinators) who work closely with our teachers to help assess student progress and identify where and when they should receive support. This fits in with our differentiated approach to teaching where all individual needs are provided for. 

                                            GlobalA global vision is embedded throughout the entire curriculum and all subjects extend national borders and become global. Our established network of schools in North America, South America, Europe and Asia allows older students to develop cross-cultural experiences through exchanges.

                                            RigorousPupils who complete their education at the British School of Nanjing (BSN) will attain a high level of competency across all subjects. Learning is largely question-based, with an emphasis on problem solving, aiming to build up a pupil’s ability to reason and think independently. 
                                             In addition to a rigorous and challenging academic programme, BSN also runs lively sports, music, arts and drama programmes in which students are presented with many opportunities to develop their skills and interests outside of the classroom.

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