On Friday, October 13, 1972 a Uruguayan airplane which was flying to Chile, carrying five crew members and forty passengers, many of who were students and players of a rugby team (Old Christians Club), crashed against the Andes mountain range.

Consequently, twelve died immediately. The survivors had to bear, among other things, the terrible range of mountains, thirty degrees below cero during the nights and hunger. They tried to resist with the scarce food reserve they had, with the expectation of being rescued soon. Nevertheless, their hopes vanished after the 10 th day, when they heard on the radio that the search had been abandoned.

From that moment on everything changed because now the chances of leaving the mountain alive depended only on them. Without any food and their physical resistance exhausted, they were forced to feed themselves with the bodies of their dead companions to be able to continue living.


Finally, tired of the extremely low temperatures, the threatening avalanches, anguished by the continuous deaths of their comrades and the permanent awaiting for the rescue, two of the rugby players decided to cross the immensity of the mountains toward Chile.


After ten days of walking through the mountains they finally found help, and that is how on the 22nd. December of 1972, after seventy two days of being isolated from life, the world finds out that sixteen survivors defeated death in the Andes mountain range.


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